Thursday, June 17, 2010

Back at it

After a week of slackitude, I finally got back into the gym

Run 400 7mph
10 push ups
10 incline sit ups
10 assisted pull ups 50#
10 dips
10 squats

WOD: 100609
Rx is AMRAP in 12 min:
185 pound Front squat, 5 reps
10 Chest to bar Pull-ups
20 Double-unders

I scaled and subbed to AMRAP in 12 min:
115# Front squat, 5 reps
15 assisted pull ups (1st 3 sets w/ 50#, 4th and fraction w/ 60#)
20 tuck jumps

4 rounds plus 5 squats and 3 pull ups.


Redness in eyes appeared again, but went away shortly as it did last week. I believe it was from hanging upside down, both on the HSPUs last WOD and from holding the hamstring stretch in the Sun Salutation extra long today.

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