Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Row, Wall Balls

Run 400 7.5mph
10 push ups
10 sit ups (unanchored, hands on ground)
10 squats
10 dips
5-3 pull ups, unassisted, working on kips
10 burpees

WOD: 100615
Rx was:
Row 2K
50 Wall Balls, 20# ball
Row 1K
35 WB
Row 500
25 WB

I did Pack:
Row 1500
35 WB, 15# ball (don't have 14#)
Row 750
25 WB
Row 500
15 WB


Lost a lot of time walking outside and around side of bldg for WB, but needed the breathers. This was tough. Rowing is a lot harder the second day in a row, particularly as I ramped up the warmup a little today.

Walk lap around bldg w/ 15# ball

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