Thursday, June 3, 2010

L-sit, Good Mornings, Abmat sit ups, Back extensions

Run 400 7mph
Dynamics w/ inchworms
10 push ups
10 squats
10 dips
3 unassisted pull ups (working on kips), 7 strict assisted w/30#
A few GMs, sit ups, and back extensions trying to get the weights and setups right.

WOD: 100526 pack scaled
3 rounds for time of
30 sec L-sit
15 good mornings with 45# bar
30 abmat sit ups (subbing rolled towel)
15 back extensions (pack said use 25# weight; I subbed on on machine w/ 145# plate)


L-sit broken for first round. In middle of second round, had to sub tuck sit, and still had to break it up.
Sit ups totally killed my time. Aerobically, I was fine, but muscles failed. Broke up the first two sets, the second devolving to one at a time. Third set, I had to cheat using arm pulls under my thighs just to get thru it.

To compensate for failures and subs, I did some extra ab work.
L-raises 20-15
Rolled towel sit ups 10

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