Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Back to the gym

Saturday, 100522 was travel day, which included about a half-mile walk to the car carrying roughly 50 lbs of luggage and car seat, so no WOD.

Sunday 100523, I did some yardwork and usual yoga.

Monday 100524, I was just a slackass.

Today, Tuesday 100525, I got back into the swing.

Run 400 7mph
10 push ups
10 incline sit ups
10 assisted pull ups 30#
10 dips
10 squats

WOD: 100517 "Tommy V"
Scaled to pack with subbed towel pull ups for rope climbs.

85# Thrusters x 15 (unbroken)
Towel pull ups (5 true w/ right arm above, 5 true with left arm above, 10 true arms even, 10 jumping)
85# Thrusters x 12 (8-4)
Towel pull ups (30 jumping)
85# Thrusters x 9 (unbroken)
Towel pull ups (25 jumping)


Towel pull ups really taxed my grip as well as the usual pull up muscles. Thrusters felt good. Pretty gassed after this WOD.

Run 400 7mph
Walk 400 4mph

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