Thursday, April 8, 2010

"DT" Properly scaled

Run ~400 (around bldg, haven't clocked it yet)
Dynamics (Heels, toes, lunge/twists, butt kickers, toy soldiers, can openers)
10 pushups
10 situps
2x5 pullups (assisted w/ 30# plate)
2X5 dips
10 squats

For time, 3 rounds of
12 deadlift
9 hang powerclean
6 push jerk

45# - 55# - 65#

Half moon
Sun Salutation
Standing Knee
Run 400 (6mph), walk 400 (4mph) (treadmill)

Took it light to work on form and build strength. Rx was 5 rds of above reps with 155#. Scale for pups was as above w/ 35-45#, but 45# was a little awkwardly light, so I went a little heavier than that. Feel good. Back pain gone. As bad as I felt after yesterday's WOD, I woke up feeling good. Rest day tomorrow!

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